Elka Suspension shock absorbers — Built with purpose.

Increase speed, control, adaptability and comfort … All with Elka Suspension high performance shock absorbers! Choose the shock absorbers designed for your purpose and experience heightened performance from your SXS. Then give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the perfect Elka Suspension high performance shock absorbers for your UTV (even if that means we do a little more upgrading!).

Basic Elka Suspension Shock Specifications
Elka Suspension Stage 3 Shocks Elka Suspension Stage 4 Shocks Elka Suspension Stage 5 Shocks
Improve handling and capabilities for recreational and intensive applications. The latest technology and simplicity of use for highly intensive applications. For extreme applications where performance and adaptability are critical.
Carry more speed over rough terrain and bumps. Have control and adjustability over key damping parameters without too much complexity. Have precise fine-tuning of all parameters of the suspension.
Increase stability, traction and protection against impacts. Have better protection against harsh square-edged impacts and potholes. Have optimal damping characteristics regardless of terrain conditions.
Reduce excessive weight transfers, such as body roll during cornering, diving when braking hard and squatting under hard acceleration. Have increased traction in all conditions for maximum maneuverability. Have total control over all damping aspects to achieve maximum speed and optimal handling.

Looking for details about technical features, adjustment controls and available configurations? Check out our Elka Suspension flyer! or contact us and we’ll help you choose the perfect shock absorbers for your UTV, your purpose and your style.

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