In those critical moments, doubts of vehicle performance should never be an issue. Get to the objective efficiently in a RPAMS military UTV or Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). Built to overcome any challenging operational environment, RPAMS UTVs are the asset you can rely on — when it matters most.

Each RPAMS military UTV and emergency response unit is operationally unique, but they are all built with a few critical mission essential features:

Choose a custom SXS that fits your mission!

RPAMS Arctic Emergency Response Vehicle

Arctic Emergency Response Vehicle

Highly innovative. Designed for cold temps. Built to navigate snow and ice. The Arctic ERV battles the rigors of the extreme arctic climes like no other. The Arctic ERV includes a multi-modal cab enclosure, a snow leopard hydrographic finish and an Apache 360 LT track and mounting kit. Looking for specifics? Here's a spec sheet! P/N RPCA1ERVC2-ARCT1K

RPAMS FireStrike-tr Tactical Response Vehicle

FireStrike-TR™ Tactical Response Vehicle

Built to respond to fires … Anywhere. With a RODS system that allows for easy driving, minimized response time and environmental dexterity, RP SOF Series Run-Flat tires, an 85-gallon tank with a high-pressure pump, 50-feet of 3/4” hose and more — the FireStrike features a perfect balance of water capacity, fire suppression power and mobility. Ready to find out more? Here’s a spec sheet to break it all down for you!

RP Strike-C4-AF Logistics Response Vehicle

Strike-C4™ AF Logistics Support Unit

For your toughest missions. The Strike-C4 AF is a beast in disguise. Though it may look like your typical military UTV, it is far more durable and versatile. With run-flat tires, a 1,000+ lb. flatbed assembly and a tactical bumper built to last, there is finally, an asset as tough as your team. P/N RPC4-1K-AF

RP Strike-C4 4x6 Ultralight Support Unit

Strike-C4™ 4x6 Ultralight Support Unit

Double the capacity of your Strike-C4 in minutes! Get the capabilities of a 6x6 UTV, retain the flexibility of a 4x4 with the Strike-C4 4x6. Simply detach the added TAG Axle Extension in minutes! Versatile across multiple missions and utility off-road projects. Contact us for details!

RP Strike-C4 Medevac Unti

Strike-M4™ MEDEVAC

MEDEVAC — Equipped with the RP Strike-Litter Rail system, the Strike-M4 MEDEVAC is your rapid response, off-road vehicle when you need it most. Restrain and transport casualty litters without compromising maneuverability! In rough terrain, when you need it most, the Strike-M4 MEDEVAC will quickly get you on-scene and homeward bound, with cargo securely fastened. NOTE: MEDEVAC build is now available for most UTVs equipped with a rear bed — Contact us!

Emergency Services Evacuation & Support Units

RP Strike-C4 Emergency Services Support Unit | P/N: RPCOM-1K-ESSU
RP Strike-C4 Emergency Services Support Unit P/N RPCOM-1K-ESSU
RP Strike-M4 Emergency Services Support Unit | P/N: RPMAV-1000-ESVSV
RP Strike-M4 Emergency Services Support Unit P/N RPMAV-1000-ESVSV
All-Hazard Response Support Vehicle (Includes: Roof & Windshield)  | P/N RP-AHZR4
All-Hazard Response Support Vehicle (Includes: Roof & Windshield) P/N RP-AHZR4