Immensely useful. Cost effective. Securely pack and carry all you need. The Strike-D3™ and Strike-D6™ are designed and customized to be the best work UTV for the job at hand. From small farms to large ranches and everything in between — your Strike-D3 or Strike-D6 is superbly customized for your job, your team and your goals. You’ll be surprised how much of your equipment the Strike-D3 and Strike-D6 can carry … Anywhere! And when the job is done, re-configure and head out to your favorite hunting site or adventure. Get the all-terrain utility vehicle you need, with the reliability and durability of RPAMS UTVs, within your budget!

RP Strike-D3 and RP Strike-D6 

With just the base model, your Strike-D3 or Strike-D6 includes

  • RP super grit coating — tan, black or camo
  • Tactical front bumper
  • Modular front cargo rack
  • Duel NATO litter restraint system
  • Fox/Elka shock upgrade for high payload operations
  • Steel wheels
  • RP SOF Series II, 12-PLY Run-Flat tires, 26x9x12
  • 14-Inch wheels

But that’s just the base model! Contact us for more options!

Looking for something just as useful but with a little bit more speed? Check out our Strike-C series!

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