Get those top speeds without compromised safety, stability or reliability. With a low center of gravity, a 900 cc, 154 hp Rotax® ACE turbocharged triple-cylinder engine and a lightweight assault push bumper and multi-modal payload flatbed assembly … The Strike-X™ or Strike-X4™ offers one of the best fun factor side by sides with military toughness and cargo space you won’t find elsewhere!

RP Strike-X 

For just the base model, the Strike-X Series includes

But that’s just the base model! Check out the full spec sheet!

NEW! The Strike-XX Rock Crawler! Speed over rocky terrain. Scale rocky mountains with ease. Don’t worry about damage with additional rock crawler protection. If you want everything the Strike-X and Strike-X4 offer, plus powerful rock crawling capabilities, then talk to us today about your vision for your Strike-XX RC!

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