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Most of RPAMS’s products are considered “Dual Use” (Commercial Application or Military Use). As a result, RPAMS is governed by two sets of Regulations — Department of State (ITAR) and Department of Commerce (EAR).

It is our responsibility as an Exporter to ensure proper classification of controlled goods and to “Know Your Customer” (Supplement No. 3 TO Part 732-BIS Guidance and Red Flags) per the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), U.S. Department of Commerce Guidelines in Steps for Using the EAR, Part 732, (September 25, 2015). Visit the BIS website for up-to-date EAR guidelines, and other BIS documents and forms.

Please refer to Exportation Rules and download the BIS-711 form. This MANDATORY form must be completed and returned by purchaser or ultimate consignee for approval prior to shipment. Completing the form at earliest opportunity will prevent shipping delays.

  • Under no circumstances, will RPAMS sell products contrary to U.S. Export regulations and laws.
  • All parties to U.S. Export transactions must ensure their exports fully comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance not only involves controlled goods and technologies, but also restrictions on shipping to certain prohibited (sanctioned) countries, companies, organizations, and/or individuals.
  • RPAMS must adhere to ITAR notifications by Customers.
  • Under the “Know your Customers” guidelines, we must understand:
    • What is the product you are purchasing?
    • What is the final destination of the product?
    • Who is the ultimate end-user?
    • What is the end-use?
  • If required, RPAMS must have all approvals in place before export of product.
  • If ECCN is requested from a customer and/or distributor, please send a completed BIS-711 form to RPAMS.

Who will be required to complete a BIS-711 Form?

  • All Customers with Foreign “Ship-To” addresses.
  • Those Domestic customers we know or believe will export our product.
  • Information on the BIS-711 form is cross-checked with the Consolidated Screening List to validate customer/end-user if not:
    • In a Restricted Country (i.e. on the Nonproliferation Sanction list);
    • On the Denied list;
    • On Debarred List (i.e. not allowed to order defense articles);
    • On the Specially Designated Nationals List.
  • If there are questions related to information contained on the BIS-711 we will be consulted for feedback.

How to complete the BIS-711 form:


  • Sections 1-6 Must be completed by Final Customer (End-User/Ultimate Consignee).
  • Section 1 Complete Shipping and Mailing Address’ must be provided.
  • Section 2 Proposed End-Use of Product must be indicated clearly.
  • Section 3 Both Sections A and B must be completed by the Final Customer.
  • Section 4 Additional information is optional.
  • Section 5 Complete Only if Final Customer is Assisted in completing the form.
  • Section 6 Must be completed and signed by the Final Customer.
  • Section 7 If Final Customer is different than the Purchaser, this section will need to be completed by the Purchaser (company buying product from RPAMS).

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