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UncategorizedCCV Wide-Area Dual LPMA UVC Light

CCV Wide-Area Dual LPMA UVC Light


Disinfect and protect with UV light. The CCV Wide-Area Dual LPMA UVC Light is easy to use, covers a wide area, and can start to work within seconds.

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Go beyond the chemicals. From first responders to dental offices to school libraries – the CCV Wide-Area UVC Light is used to sanitize a variety of spaces, aiding in the protection of employees and the public. Comprised of dual reflective high output twin UVC emitters, the CCV Wide-Area UVC Light sanitizes a broad area, efficiently. By emitting Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), the CCV Wide-Area UVC Light disinfects surfaces and air, and can start to work within seconds. Set the lights up, leave the room, and let the lights do their thing and clean! It’s that easy.

Standard product includes:

  • Rugged folding tripod with integrated castors
  • Dual reflectors with twin UVC lamp arrays comprised of configurable 50-200W output 254nm UVC
  • Indoor/outdoor remote operated power switch FOB
  • UV glasses

Useful Documents:

ATP Testing to verify UVC Cleaning:

With so many new sanitizing products on the market, it was important to our team at RPAMS to be able to verify the cleaning of our UVC products, to make sure it meets our high standards in being a product you can trust. That’s why we use ATP cleaning verification, which uses bioluminescence to detect ATP, an energy molecule found in all plant, animal and microbial cells. The quantity of light generated by ATP in testing is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present, which is in turn a direct indicator for surface cleanliness – more ATP present means the surface is less clean. We have used this test to verify our own UVC products and highly recommend that you use it to test other sanitizers if manufacturers don’t explain their own testing methods.

A few things to note about ATP testing:

  • ATP systems do not detect viruses directly. However, Hygiena™ (ATP manufacturer) provides that COVID-19 infected material that contains biological residues will be detected by an ATP system.
  • ATP testers do not produce a virus test.
  • Performing ATP Cleaning and/or Verification does not guarantee removal of viruses on surfaces but augments surface verification processes when used in conjunction with CDC recommendations and guidelines.

Don’t just take our word for it!

If you’re unfamiliar with the effectiveness of UVC sterilizer lights, there’s a good body of documentation and research on it. So we highly encourage you to take a deep dive! Read more about how we’re fighting Coronavirus with UVC lights based on research and read the FDA guidelines we’re following for our disinfectant devices.

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Standard, Standard w/ Lithium Rechargeable Power Pack


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